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new york and company Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – I am yet to receive my refund after being told to wait 3 5 business days. But I learned that’s the nature of linen fabric, not the fault of NY C. This is the most dysfunctional unqualified, incompetent, bunch of unprofessional people. You're talking to the intelligence of a 5th grader Due to financial strains they are running a scam and refuse to refund customer funds that I have right to. I’m pear shaped and I find it difficult to find well fitting pants. They said our return policy has changed as of August 8th. I was hesitant about this style at first but needed a change in style so I purchased it and soooo very glad I did. In fact, it still shows the old return policy of '45 days return guaranteed'. The staff is very helpful and if I can't find it in my size, they call their other stores to accommodate me. I have had two pairs of Madie pants rip on me. I have a store credit card which I’m happy with. I’m always surprised to find my total to be less than I expected. This is my go to T Shirt when in doubt about what to wear if going out. I filed a complaint with the FTC months ago and no response. However I noticed I was still charged for the cancelled pair. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. When I order online they always ship promptly, and I always get what I ordered. 00 worth of clothing and returned in April and May and still have not received a refund. So not only do you have to find the information on your own, but they still list the outdated policy on their receipts. If i could give them a 0 star I would. Not worried about dressing it up or down since it makes a statement by itself. I’ve called, emailed, but they still holding on to my money. You're on hold for hours when you call, they got unprofessional teenagers around 18 year who dont even know how to answer the phone. My purchase was too big and so I returned my items and was charged for a delivery fee. They took my money immediately after placing the order then canceled the entire order later that same day. I’ve been buying pants from New York and company for years, since they were a physical location. I tried to return two shirts and they sent it back to me. I can’t say anything about their clothes that aren’t pants. I have been shopping in store and online at New York Company for several years and they virtually never disappoint. I'm always looking for more T Shirts and dress up tops so I am regular at this. I won't buy from a company who can't get their crap together enough to put the information from their website onto their shipping and mailing receipts. Refuse to resolve issues, refuse to escalate to a manager. That policy change, however, is not listed ANYWHERE on your receipt or your RETURN slip!. I'm new to this sorry about to go bankrupt company. She said I may want to call Customer Service but she can't do anything about that. Today I called Customer Service who reiterated the same store return policy and they could only put in a claim and see what may be done if anything?. company I'd bankrupt and if you buy something from them you won't give you your money back. When they have coupons you can't use them on almost any item. I definitely will not be recommending any of my military family and friends to this company. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE SCAMS THEY PULLING JUST TERRIBLE. I am still waiting on the refund from the previous order that l had to return. Ater Christmas I tried to return items and was told my receipt expired and after her spending 48 each item can be returned for a whole 4. I said what if PEOPLE shop early for Christmas that should not apply for Christmas season!. Don’t even try using your rewards that you've supposedly earned It takes an act of Congress to try and use them. 91 stars from 11 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. The most common issues with New York Company are around Customer Service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. I proceeded to tell them I have the receipt and they said expired receipt that is the store return policy. Now l have go through the whole shipping process to return these pant back or else they going to charge me. I sent an complaint hopefully they can, but if not l will never order from them again and l advise others not to shop online with them. I get to checkout and every order I wanted to purchase was declined to use with promotion. I came back on 07 16 2020 and they refused to return, offering a store credit only. Awful service This company is the WORSE to deal with. Be on alert for items that are online exclusives these items can only be returned via mail. But the funny thing is, the representative agreed with me about how difficult it is to try and cash in on your reward. I was so excited last week to order online and use a code to get half off. They generally allow you to return items purchased online to their stores for free. My only real gripe with them is that their sizing runs large, sometimes larger than their size chart indicates. Instead they sent me some black pants that l didn't order to make up for the lack of very poor poor poor services. Customer Service shows no symptoms nor tried to rectify the issue. I purchased an order for a dress and received a pair of black pants in place for rose gold metal ELBW SLV SQN SHTH. List of 16 new york and company Black Friday Deals [Extra 50% Discount] 2020

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