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modells Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – The girl pretended to be a supervisor and told me that because this was not a simple return, it would take up to 2 weeks to refund. Thursday comes, I call my bank again and they still show no pending credits. Called to request a refund, after being on hold for several minutes and finally speaking to an agent, I was again put on hold and then was hung up on. Dirty soles, ripped tag from the inside of the shoes, and obvious dirt debris on the outside of the shoe. Asked to speak to a supervisor and they refused to transfer. Upon being moved to Cortlandt I was again left to the wolves with a half a management staff younger and more careless than you could imagine. I gave to weeks and left on good terms or so I though. So when I shipped back it was an average of 8. No email and I wrote to BBB And I hope I can get something done!. I am completely done with this unprofessional and completely untrustworthy company. I was told they would send it to the Finance Dept and get a call back. The last straw for me, I picked up some items for my kids sports with my birthday coupon on a Friday. Just goes to show they will turn their back on anyone. After busting my a for 3 years I was promoted and moved to a different store where I was unfairly targeted and witness racism and harassment in greenburgh. My item purchased was 18 so I should’ve kept it. Told me my account was immediately refunded on the Friday but because of weekend, it would take a few days to post. I asked what time they leave today because I am calling back before they go and I am getting an answer. Our GM got injured and was out for three months and I was left with the clown show for months without any help from the DM. After 5 days nothing even thought I paid 20 for fast delivery. Received Obviously Worn Dirty shoesReceived a pair of shoes that had obviously been worn. They stole money that wasn't theirs and they could take their sweet time to return?. As a previous employee who worked his way up to manager I can tell you this company is not worth it. I was okay with that, why they couldn't tell me that Monday, no idea. The modells replied I should replace a new order even though they blocked the money from first order already. I have tried, every time I get a bad experience either online or in the store, I go back and give them another shot. 3 bogus write ups from the manager who targeted me and I am no longer rehirable. Bought shoes online, received confirmation email saying order is placed. On Sunday, I was checking my account and noticed Modell's charged me twice for that transaction. Tuesday comes, no call so I call them 1 30 and was told they're still looking into it. I called Modell's yet again and this time I was not so courteous. After watching Mitchell Modell on Undercover Boss, I was actually really looking forward to supporting his company. Let me say, Corporate should follow the professionalism and courteousness of their Store Associates. For whatever reason, they decided to ship it FedEx ground, which made delivery take over a week. Also, many businesses are closed, suspended, or not operating as usual, and are unable to respond to complaints and other requests. Before I left, I asked the associate again if the shoes would arrive in 3 days and he said yes and that I would get a call once they arrived. Well, it did ship out two days after I ordered it, but this was still kind of factored in as a possibility in my calculations. This is why i always had a hard time not shopping at store 00114, Toms River. Some of the sources of information BBB relies on are temporarily unavailable. This has not been the first time with a bad experience at the Corporate level, and I have never had a bad experience in the store, ever. On my receipt, it was rung up as a gift card purchase. When the machine finally showed up at our house, we opened the box to find some of the flat surfaces mangled and dented in. What I found particularly interesting about this is that the packaging itself, including the braces used to package everything, were completely intact. My wife and I ordered a weight machine from Modell's last month. This lead me to believe the item was packaged in the same condition, which is obviously also unacceptable. UPDATE So, I went to the Modell's store to accept my money from the manager per Corporate. Maybe they should re evaluate their staff and management and train and hire them as they do their Store Associates. We appreciate your patience as we and everyone in our communities focus on addressing this crisis. I ordered it on Memorial Day so I was not expecting it to ship out until the following day or even the day after that. I can't trust them, only if paying cash, that they won't double triple or whatever charge me, and can't trust them to fix their mistakes promptly and mostly admit it!. List of 16 modells Black Friday Deals [Extra 50% Discount] 2020BBB information and Business Profiles reflect the most current information available to us. There were only 4 choices available however, none in the desired size, so the associate offered to order the pair I wanted for store pickup in 3 days. Looking at past reviews, almost ALL of them, their bad experiences came from Corporate. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community and our consumers throughout this crisis. The refund was granted with no explanation and no apology. After verifying that I indeed paid for expedited shipping, I reached out to Modell's for a refund since it was obviously not utilized for my order. On Saturday, May 4th, I visited a local store at looking for a Men's FOOTBALL cleat for my son. The store was occupied but l was able to have a sales petson help me very quickly and he was very knowledgeable about the product. staff are helpful but when 4 different modells workers ask if you need help it gets a bit annoying. The best part of our conversation was tjat the item l need was on sale at 50 off. still have my modells reward card that is falling apart but still good to use. There's so many other places on Fulton St with better costumer service, and in comparison you don't need to find something extraordinary to be better than this store. The employee was dragging his feet literally, unable to answer simple questions like do you have an extra size or simple talk at all. They refuse to take back uncomfortable, unwearable sneakers I just bought three days ago. Read MoreModellsGood luck trying to get any kind of assistance at this location. But they do have tons of stuff you might need, including shoes, apparel, and all kinds of equipment. The racks are filled with clothing and the shelves stocked with merchandise but you are on your own. If you need a football, basketball or new Nike Tech sweats then sure modells is a convenient place to shop. Personally, I needed a pump and they had a satisfactory version. I thibk I flew out of there on pure air. Unfortunately, there's probably only about two levels worth of sporting goods staff to help you out. The store is quite spacious and I love the selection of kicks. I wouldn't go in expecting any miracles, but if you need a basketball, some shorts, a pair of running shoes or a neon tank top, they've got you covered. I must've walked by this Modell's a thousand times, and I never realized that there are four levels worth of sporting goods up in here. While they carry a vast array of sporting goods it's best you know what you're looking for because the staff isn't very knowledgable and there are no specialists. He suddenly take his time off and I was expecting a new size carrying my baby. On the third floor, there was actually a woman wandering around yelling, Anyone?.

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Get eset antivirus Deals on Black Friday. The cashier was very nice and didnt frown when l gave her 3 different phone numbers to locate my card number. i browswd around a bit and grabbed a few skeecher sneakers on sale, a few champions shirts and a la rams football cap. The man working the free weight area I had to ask Do you even lift bro?. place looks the same as before but it seems now that its less about sports gear and more about footware, sport and running apparel and acessories. We finally got it right anywhoo l am now updated. I really like this store having purchased many a item here. If you're willing to put up with a little mess and lack of service, there are good clearance sales here though. The first time i gave a 100 bill and the gent at the register had to go to the back to get change. She got my issue resolved going out of her way on a busy day while still multitasking. For whatever the reason, they carry much less Inventory than most other of their stores, even smaller ones. Obviously the people working here are untrained and couldn't care less about doing their job. The employees were very good at helping the line move and while I waited I watched as they helped a man with a purchase order from another store as well. Gave me a dirty look when I dared to ask a second one. Modell's Sporting Goods is a good store if you want to buy some gym clothes, sports related things, and also weights. Every time I was left on hold for nearly 10 minutes, and once transferred to footwear, who, of course, put me back on hold because it wasn't their department. I've only been here twice, one was at 9am and the other at 7pm. The manager Cathy was very welcoming and knowledgeable in how to handle my order situation. They accept credit cards and also have a point system if you sign up for their Modell's card. I see random stuff like thermals, sneakers, fishing poles, and ice skates. Both times it took longer than i would have liked for my transaction to finish. There were two workers at the front desk cashiers assisting customers, so there was no wait. Had to call 4 times to get a VERY basic question answered Do you carry golf tees?. There are associates ready to help you and also it is neatly organized for the most part. that really grinds my gears when they fall around the ankle. Never had to return an item from here and that is saying a lot for being a male shopper. But times change, and it's long since been surpassed by almost all of their other stores. The short version of this review is, skip this place and go to Model''s Fulton II a few blocks down the street. He obviously was checking out the bill somewhere to make sure it was legit, he even went to a manager to ask what to do. Other than that the place is pretty huge with one of the widest selections of any modells i've been to. Shop here with the thought that you might be in there a little longer than you would want, otherwise all is good. I had come in to return a pair of shoes that had caused a lot of payment issues with the online purchase. One time I asked them hold 2 pairs of sneakers for 2 days and they did. This must be the last place in the city that would hire them because the management clearly doesn't value customer service or helpful knowledgable employees. Way better than when I had contacted customer service by phone. List of 16 modells Black Friday Deals [Extra 50% Discount] 2020

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