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mcafee Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – If you have no intention to investigate suspicious files, this will be fine for you. But if you want more control, other programs like Malwarebytes let you quarantine, delete, or ignore files. It’s effective at blocking most zero day attacks and widespread malware. This doesn’t mean the other links are dangerous, but the fact that mcafee doesn’t have a vast quantity of articles in its vault makes this extension pointless. There’s also a detailed knowledge base which answers many typical technical support issues. I’d also personally rather have the details of the scan built into the dashboard while the scan is happening, but again, most people probably won’t care. This is a pretty poor offering from mcafee and True Key. But the user friendliness definitely needs a tune up, and I think that the WebAdvisor tool and the performance boost features were pretty underwhelming. Honestly, 20 minutes is quite long for a quick scan. running the Quick Scan on my old computer took 20 minutes and scanned through over 12,000 of my files. But I wouldn’t download the Total Protection plan just for this. Even though it’s included in the Total Protection plan, you can’t use more than 15 logins. One particularly irritating thing about mcafee’s True Key password manager is that it’s limited to 15 logins before you have to pay for an upgrade. My old computer took almost 20 hours to scan through, which is a really long time. It doesn’t direct you to download the WebAdvisor browser extension. And although the support articles are detailed, they lack images or videos. I tried it with my newer computer, and a little under 6,000 files were scanned in 5 mins. mcafee seems to have a limited amount of websites it searches and approves. If you want an antivirus with a good password manager included, Norton 360 gives you a way better deal. Once your scan is complete, you can see how many files were scanned, any issues found, and what infected files were removed. For instance, when I use the scan features, I have to click run  in a pop up. Overall, Quick Scan and Full Scan both work as intended, though I feel like the scanning engine is pretty slow compared to other antiviruses like TotalAV and Norton. I did get a nice amount of detail here mcafee told me where files were removed from, how many were removed, and which files were chosen to not be removed. And I certainly don’t want to be bullied into paying for a premium True Key account after only 15 logins. Plus, purchasing the 10 device Household plan is a great value for the price. And NordPass gives you unlimited logins on its free plan. I wasn’t given the option to quarantine or check which files were infected  Total Protection simply removed them. But again, for most people, that’s probably not really a problem. Like the Quick Scan, I ran the Full Scan on two separate computers. The Wikipedia and Petco website had the mcafee badge, but again, nothing else did. There are hundreds to choose from, but you have to mostly rely on the search bar and scrolling through until you find your answer. The majority of mcafee’s details are given in pop ups. I’d also like the choice to quarantine or delete problematic files after the scan, instead of just automatically deleting them. That’s a much better result, albeit with half of the files. But it’s best to go with a standalone password manager anyway like Dashlane or 1Password. It’s the same with the password manager, the File Shredder, and File Lock to lock important files. If you’re looking for Vulnerability Scanner, you won’t find it. While that’s a much more reasonable amount of time, that’s still longer than some other antivirus scanners like Bitdefender and Avira. My one problem is that it’s not called Vulnerability Scanner in the Total Protection dashboard. It's an excellent value, and it did very well in some of our hands on tests. Do you remember those simple days when all you needed was one antivirus program for the family PC?. 17 Best mcafee Black Friday Deals [Up to 30% Discount] 2020

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