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madewell Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – I paid 125 after turning in a pair for recycle for 25 off. They are slouchy all the way down, but they also sit snug on your waist so you still get a nice cinch there. And finally these are much better for people with a higher waist to hip ratio. Finally, these hit me right at the tops of my ankles so they aren’t too cropped, but they’re not a true full length either. The name of these jeans sums them up quite nicely they fit like the type of jeans your dad wears. I didn’t over wash and I never dried these jeans, however, I did have the crotch rubbed completely out of them by the six month mark. The rest of the leg is nice and loose and you don’t get the dreaded knee pulling that I’ve gotten with other rigid denim. I LOVE it on other people, which is why I keep trying it thinking I’ll love it on me but it never seems to work out for me. Lots of movement, very soft, and another pair of yoga pant denim!. You can also find a lot more lifestyle and travel advice on my blog, whimsysoul. However, typical to other rigid denim that fits well in my seat, the waist is too loose. Still, they are very comfortable to wear, and don’t feel restrictive at all. They are straight from top to bottom, with just the slightest taper at the bottom, and are full length hitting right at the heel. Second these are much more figure hugging, and I attribute that to my first point about the stretch. I really do think in a size down the thigh area would be too tight. I think if you have a smaller ratio between your hips and waist, these would be perfect. Final verdict I will be returning these for two reasons 1. the waist seat issue. I paired it both with white overall shorts and a denim skirt, and it looked great with both. So often, items look great online, but in person are absolutely atrocious. Anyone with thighs that rub together knows the cycle of buying jeans and them ripping in the inner thigh after only a few months. However, it was absolutely crazy that madewell only stocks samples of plus size items and that you have to get them shipped to you. I shop in store for the instant gratification I would have been super disappointed if I couldn’t take the items I loved home with me. As for the tank, it was OK. Maddie and I spotted it and thought it would be a cute tank to transition to fall. I’ve heard my coworkers discuss the Madewell jeans many times before, and they love the 9 high rise. Maddie Overall, this was a MUCH different experience than our previous excursion. In terms of my items, I loved almost every single thing I put on, which is a never event for me. I tried out the 10, and it was chef’s kiss on my long torso. I didn’t totally hate it though actually, as they give off that Rachel Green circa season one of Friends, long, baggy jeans vibe. These are some of the best fitting skinny jeans I’ve ever tried on. It fit, but I’d want it to be a little more oversized for jeans. madewell and GA are at a similar price point, so I never felt the need to try the madewell ones. I loved pairing their staples with their trendier items, and feel that they emulate an attainable, classic but cool style. The material was also super lightweight, so it would be great for summer and the 95 degree days we’ve been getting here in Chicago. I grabbed this in an XL, and I think if it had been an XXL, I would have loved it a lot more. Beth Ever since I did a try on of Good American, I’m not impressed by any other skinny jeans. I would need to get them hemmed because they were a tad long on me, but otherwise, they fit like a glove. Beth and I could actually try on a lot of the same clothes, which was our plan all along. These were cute but were a little long on me. Beth Upon first walking into the store, I asked the associate if they had extended sizes in store. 13 Exclusive Black Friday madewell Deals 2020

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