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loft Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – If you aren't looking for a metal loft bed, there are also options in painted and varnished wood styles as well. Other options have weight capacities of 300lbs, making them safe for some adults. These are generally made of wood, though they also have some steel options as well. Upon reaching out to Wayfair the customer service representative was very proactive with every step of the replacement. loft beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years. I also wanted to give 5 stars to Wayfair's customer service. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Two of the two dozen or so screws split the wood of frame because I didn't have the slats line up perfectly. The storage component is a big draw for many customers as folks can store clothing, blankets, electronics, and more within their beds. I also received a discount for the inconvenience of waiting for the replacement. There was a mix up with one of the six cartons that the bed arrived in. Only slight negative is that the wood is very soft and dents quite easily. Most customers have good things to say about these loft beds. For one, sturdiness and safety are key when many loft beds are 6 feet off the ground. Slats screw holes slightly not wide enough to grab enough wood in frame. Harriet Bee makes a variety of loft beds for children, with both shorter and higher options. Took off the wheels to create more space between beds. Customers describe loving their loft beds with assembly described as easy and quick. Slats should be connected by fabric so they can be laid out and just screw in every few. These include having a twin bed with a workstation beneath, a twin with a futon beneath, or different orientations of bunk beds. However, what customers also really want is high value and trendy styles for the materials. These loft beds get good reviews from customers with rare complaints around assembly. Additionally, they have innovative designs like forts and treehouse beds. The Lakeway loft bed comes in a variety of designs. This bed desk is a wonderful space saver and quite solid after assembly. Wood is hard so it stripped and bent a couple screws. Most customers have good things to say about these loft beds with simple assembly and high value for the price. Most Mack Milo loft Beds come with durable steel designs and high weight thresholds. Their most popular 'Pinery' loft bed has a weight capacity of 250lbs and a height of 72''. Many of these loft beds are ideal for children and have child friendly designs, such as shorter metal loft beds and wooden options with thicker rails. Moderately priced, most Birch Lane Heritage loft beds come with extra storage within the lofted area beneath the mattress with drawers and hamper space. If you are a bargain hunter, this is a great pick for you!. These loft beds get good reviews overall from customers, especially among parents looking for beds for their kids. Most of them are made of wood, with their most popular option being a shorter 'junior loft bed' that allows for storage or play space below. Another budget friendly option, the Viv Rae loft beds come in multiple designs, including a higher steel version that comes in black, white, or silver. Stairs at the shorter side save space in small rooms. Durable, good quality wood but be very careful screwing slats into frame. Typically made of wood or metal, loft beds are ideal for small bedrooms, apartments, and dorm rooms. Its also very study and comfortable for an adult to snuggle with the kids. The lower height, side guardrails, and secured ladder enhance the safety of the loft bed. These bed frames lift the mattress several feet above the floor, opening up space for a variety of design options. The Better Homes and Gardens loft storage bed is a durable wood bed with a hand applied finish. Took forever for 1 person to put together, get a partner. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. The affordable price point is ideal for families shopping on a budget. 10in bed on the bottom and 6in on the top works well. The lack of headboard on the bottom bed takes some getting used to, but overall its perfect for our limited space. Spacious shelves on the Better Homes and Gardens loft bed easily store toys and books. There is ample space for fabric bins or other storage containers. Make sure you have room in your recycle for all the cardboard Great for my 12yo and when he has sleepovers. We are not doctors if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. This loft bed is an excellent choice for rooms that would benefit from added storage and organization. It definitely is a statement piece to the adults and the children. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. Ladder metal is hard under the foot but most are. An 8 to 12 mattress is recommended and there is no need for a box spring. They are also a great choice for kids’ rooms, since the space under the bed can easily be used as a play area or for additional storage. It accommodates a twin size mattress and has wood slats for support. When it comes to maximizing space in a bedroom, loft beds are a popular choice. This loft bed accommodates a Queen size mattress and has a 2,000 pound weight capacity. This site's sole purpose is to make the decision making process faster and more efficient. While many loft beds are designed with children and teens in mind, the Francis lofts Bunks Queen size adult loft bed is an ideal choice for adults. Its very well made and easy to put together in spite if it coming in five boxes!. There are three color options to choose from Espresso, Slate, or White. Although the weathering is as expected, the color is much more yellow than it appears in the picture. Mattress furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. The loft bed has one side rail and a detachable ladder that can be used on any side of the bed. It was easy to assemble and my Granddaughter loves loves loves it. While adult beds are not required to have guardrails, loft bed for children should feature guardrails on both sides. Everyone has unique needs and preferences when choosing furniture for the bedroom. As such, it is likely you could increase the maximum weight limit by purchasing sturdier slats to support the mattress and sleeper. Finally, on the outside of the office space, shelves line the frame to hold your books or perhaps decorative accessories. A loft bed with a slide is designed with children in mind. Lofts are also ideal for dorms, carving out additional space in small dorm rooms and providing a place to set up a desk and shelving. The loft bed has a slide for getting out of the bed. Trundle beds Trundle beds also feature two beds in one unit, stacked on top of each other. Unlike some of the other adult loft beds we reviewed, the space under the Work Station features a slightly higher clearance. This space comes with a desk to hold your laptop or other business equipment as well as two corner shelves which are surprisingly strong. While that may not inherently be bad, the weight capacity sits at a paltry 150 pounds. For youngsters, the space below a loft bed can provide extra play space. When it comes to selecting the best loft bed, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Guardrails are among the most important safety feature for loft beds. Still, the office space does come with built in shelves that can be arranged as desired. For adult sleepers, the extra space below the bed frees up room for storage, a work area, dressers, or even an additional bed or futon. Consider adding a nightlight to illuminate the ladder and make it easy to locate in the dark when attempting to exit the bed. For smaller spaces, a loft bed is a superior space saver. Even better, this loft bed also features a full size mattress frame. For loft beds with shelves, fabric bins can help keep things organized. In fairness, most of this limitation is due to the supporting slats not being strong enough. The following factors should be reviewed prior to purchasing a loft bed. However, this is the first loft bed so far that features a keyboard pullout for larger, desktop computers. For adults and children, ladders should be firmly attached to the upper bunk. This type of bed also has a ladder to climb up onto the bed. Thankfully, the DHP comes with a full size frame which should be large enough for most people. The lower bed often features a thinner mattress and can be rolled out from underneath the upper bed with ropes or handles. On top of that, this office space also features a drawer and larger storage space. Beyond that, the design also provides for a more open space though this does not actually affect the footprint of this loft bed’s profile. As good as the office is, this adult loft bed will not be suitable for all adults. This allows the bed to offer a robust 160 pound maximum weight capacity. You will want to make sure the loft bed you select is the right size and design for your room. Like most of the adult loft beds on our list, the Coast Work Station is also interested in ensuring that the space under the bed is best utilized. On top of the full size frame, the DHP loft bed also comes with a decent office space. Like most of the adult Lofts, this features a place for your computer. Another quality that is vital to an adult loft bed is the space. In children’s rooms, the storage can hold toys, books, or clothing. This is a popular choice for kids, as it makes getting out of bed more fun.

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