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livingocial Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – I purchased a voucher for gutter cleaning which the vendor then scheduled two weeks out. Fast forward a couple of months and the credit is still sitting in my account and I decide to apply it to having the house pressure washed. I had to call ask about it because my refund never came. I told him to read me the notes from my conversaition with Jose. Of course, they don't show up for the second appointment either. Instead I have to use their internal credit to be applied to another deal. He said that it said Since customer hung up he did not issue my refund. Contacted Living Social and vendor, didn't hear anything for weeks. I had to give them a one star for site to work. The next day I called and spent over 15 minutes on the phone with a rep there who said he'd put the 20 refund back on my Paypal account. When I called they gave me store credit with no option for an actual refund!. There are no phone numbers and no chat service to contact on the site. All three tracking numbers returned info that the package was left on my front steps. I receive emails from them and on black friday was very excited to see a deal on ipads. I'm working from home due to COVID 19, so I'm here all day. When i finally talked to someone i said, IF i wanted thee, dont you think I wouldve changed the product count. They kept me on the phone for 15 minutes AFTER acknowledging code should have worked. within their fine print, they sneaked in that actually blow drying the hair wasn't included. They charged me for 3 ipads and 3 protection plans. I ORDERed three different products, received three separate tracking numbers for the shipment, and got ZERO packages. Mainly, they put me on hold 3 times and then said they'd issue me the 38 refund they owed me. I did not receive any of them yet, I get amazon packages with no issues. I checked my paypal account today and the 38 refund was not processed. From now on, I will only use their competitor which rhymes with Coupon. One package was supposed to be delivered by Fed Ex, one by Fed Ex SmartPost, and one by DHL. I had an experiece the other day where their 20 coupon code didn't work so I had to buy the service coupon without the code. No wonder people have stopped using LivingSocial as much lesson learned. I recently purchased a deal from them for a haircut. 24 hours later, they said they will not allow that even though I never opened the voucher to see the code. I called LivingSocial again and asked the rep to read me the notes from my original conversation with their rep. It says Customer hung up so I didn't issue the refund. It is extremely hard to get ahold of them too. Each 1 i clicked on was sold out, or the bigger the screen, the more money. We decided to get one for our autistic little one. 5 minutes later I receive a confirmation ORDER for 3 ORDERs. I tried to ORDER again a couple of times and they both also kicked back. Logged on and seen they offered different sizes on the screen as well as memory. The voucher cost like 35 and the salon up charges 30 for you to not walk out with wet hair. I placed an order and was never asked for a shipping address, so I assumed it was a voucher. When the package was finally listed by the carrier as having been delivered, I told them I did not receive it. BTW the call center and ONLINE chat is in Columbia so good luck getting nowhere. They just said I had to wait until the package was returned as undeliverable. Instantly got a response that it's our fault for not reading the fine print!. My daughter in law bought me an hour facial as a gift. I asked them to ship me a replacement product to my correct address. So my initial contact with the customer service rep was very negative. I bought a coupon in May 2018 for a car detailing package. I searched the sellers website and found no redemption information. You only have 3 days to request a refund so don't even bother buying no matter how good the deal sounds. Turns out there was no ONLINE course available via LS. I'm sure it was done to simply make me disappear. Just that the voucher appeared to be the old Bait and switch. Fine print says it required preregistration and preauthorization and appointment for a location in person. When I did speak to someone he said he was too busy to book an appointment and I'd need to call back. The ad looked good and there was a location nearby. I called LivingSocial to refund the second Shaw Academy voucher and they won't. After a really fun exchange I did get a refund. It took several attempts to get someone to answer over two days. My wife ordered a gift of a voucher for an ONLINE CWP. My daughter in law complained to Living Social and they said there is nothing they can do as we used the coupon already. Throughout they never even acknowledged that it was their fault. They told me there was nothing they could do until the package was returned. The situation goes from a simple website error to we scammed you and are getting away with it' conversation. Or at worst would go to my billing address, which I entered as part of entering a new credit card number. I immediately reached out and asked for the address to be corrected. However, when I tried to redeem the coupon, it turned out that they had closed all but one of their locations. Several days later, I get a notice that the package had been shipped. So, not only is LS aware of these types of things, they actually defend vendors even in the face of clear print and logic. I couldn't even get the rep to admit that the entire thing was shady to start with. One associated with an expired credit card on my account. All the rep from LivingSocial did was read me their hidden details. But as I was typing a closing with an explanation as to how the reps response made the situation worse, I was closed and disconnected from the chat. This all gives me the sense that this company is all about money and protecting vendors at the expense of the customers. Yes we used it hence the complain because they burn my face otherwise we got no cause to complain. At that point they said the product was no longer available and they would refund me my money or give me an account credit.

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