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intimissimi Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – The items that turned up are nice, but do not fit, so I need to send them back. please save your money and do not buy through them. I buy here all the time and will continue to do so. It is been more than a month i am fighting for a refund of items that were returned to them and as per carrier confirmation were received by them. I went online and filled out the returns form and assumed it would just be straight forward, print off the label or take them to the shop. They opened the case and will have to extract money if they are not going to refund my money. I placed an online order and was told it had been despatched, but it did not arrive and the tracking number was not recognised. Of course cashmere starts to pill if you wash it and wear it due to the friction. I go to their shop many times and was always happy but I want to share my story with you guys. They climb that they issued refunds on 19th of August. took 1 month to send me the return shipping label3. I totally do not recommend anyone from buying from this company. They ship incredibly fast, their return policy is better than I've experienced with most companies. They claim to have customer service, I haven’t worked out what it actually does?. About 10 minutes later I received a text message talking about the order I have made with intimissimi with sexual content. So don’t shop online with them, they take your money and pretend like it’s been refunded. Unfortunately no one had any idea when I would get a refund. still no refund 1 month after the package delivered back to warehouse 4. no reply after contacting customer service Where is my refund?. Which is just not normal since returns are suppose to be fast. I’ve contacted PayPal and they said there is no refund on this transaction. I also tried to contact via email and didn’t get any answer about my return refund. I finally made contact with the company using live chat and I was told my order had not been despatched and I would get a refund. It’s unbelievable that company like this is allowed to trade?. I’ve been trying to contact them through their website chat but it’s just very disappointed and disrespectful how they aren’t open to talk with your costumers. I emailed customer service and got no response, I emailed the courier company and got no response. P. S. on previous feedback 20 08 they asked my details and said are going to contact me. I dropped off my package 10 days ago at an UPS store and still don’t have any informations about my refund. It was my first time ordering online from this company. The package should arrive on Friday but then the delivery date keep changing to Monday. If the process takes as long as the order the 14 day period for returns will have expired. On Thursday morning at 3 am I started receiving phone calls. I have now been waiting over a month for a 90 refund. Fk these criminals I ordered two separate orders, they came fairly fast but I ended up refunding them both as it didn't fit. It was not just a purchase for myself, it was a gift for sister's birthday, such a disappointment. So all those times via Chat as I knew all along I had been being lied too. I spoke to two different agents on the online chat and was told I will get an email once it's processed. I have placed an order at the end of July and typed wrong letter in the postcode, what led to difficulties with delivery that's absolutely fine, my own error. as in the middle of the bottom of the top!. I sent my items back more than a month ago at this point. She also admitted it hadn’t been processed all those weeks before as they had claimed when they sent me a returns email saying so. I sent the last email five days ago and it's been radio silence the person who's been responding is called Lea and she's just playing dead now. To be honest it's a good place to shop with lovely items, it's just the customer service is slow unless you complain about it on here. which is amazing considering it was shipped from Italy to Los Angeles. EDIT After posting this review they contacted me straight away and is now arranging the refund, which came within 2 days. To be honest that's the first time EVER in my life that I have problems with a return!. Update intimissimi reached out after a few days and offered a full refund, complete with prepaid shipping. The new one arrived with the name in the same wrong place. However I have notified customer services as soon as found out the issue and what, it's still has not been resolved no product delivered or refunded. They are a disgusting company and the clothes aren’t of a standard even to warrant this snotty attitude they have regarding returns. THEY DO NOT RETURN YOUR MONEY BEWAREI ordered some items and returned them by their returns method a week later. Only answer I receive is that they didn't get my stuff back so the refund is pending. I love the fabric but sadly the custom embroidery was placed in completely the wrong spot. I don't think they are out to scam people, just need to have better customer service and return updates. I've been checking weekly for the refund and asking the customer service to help me. I have contacted via email and get constantly lied to saying the refund has been processed. I immediately ordered a new one as I really like the product itself. If they don't return me by the end of this week, I will file a dispute with my bank for my refund. I am waiting for a refund of Rs 500 for a month. Surprisingly, they are losing a good customer Sorry they did not place me in the car, but there are some problems. Foreigners, beautiful, oh, they are beautiful and attractive during the sale!.

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Also Get eset antivirus offers for Black Friday. I really need those products, they have some problems with the high sequence. As I was trying on a bra two construction man came inside the fitting room and were staring at me and no one at the store tried to stop them. A pleasant shopping experience, they'll be opening up a location in Soho soon too. She also ensured that the items would be well packed in a nice box. Kadiyatu helped me and my friend was helped by Maria and Jazsalyn. I was so impressed by the quality, the styles, and the prices that I ended up making a big purchase. Ok so this location just opened a few months ago but popular overseas. I picked some items and was taken inside the fitting room by the salesperson. A little while later they were sold through Victoria's Secret and as quickly as they arrived, they were gone. I finally asked another young woman for the style and within minutes appeared with my size in hand!. I was in the neighborhood and stopped in since I had been lusting after a piece that was featured heavily on their social media accounts. I will be back to complete my set and would recommend intimissimi to anyone looking for beautifully designed pieces that won't break the bank. I was in Barcelona one day and decided to stop by to look around. The first associate I worked with was attentive and got me in the fitting room but said the style color I was looking for was unavailable. I used to be a hard corde VS fan until I discovered intimissimi. I assume because it's such a new location, some associates are still learning the styles colors available. While my visit took a little longer than expected, it did not sour my experience. But on above date i decide to go and try new location in Soho. Fast forward to a few months ago when they began shipping to the U. S. and are now open in NYC!. As a guy, I'd much rather come here for gift shopping than go to Victoria Secret!. After watching the veterans parade, my friend pulled us in to check the place out. The post Christmas discounts pushed me to buy more things for my girl, and to even try a few for me as well. On 09 17 18 at approximately 2 pm I was inside your Soho store. I figured out my proper size and combed through the sale section while waiting for her to finish with other clients. I stopped by during a sale today and was wowed by the quality of the products and by the price. I've been a fan of intimissimi since 2006 when the gentleman in my life brought me two sets straight from Italy. The first floor is devoted to lingerie for women, and the second is a mix of both men's and women's items. There are 1200 stores in 31 country and one of them is not in the UsA. There after some lucky ones who joined the Italian left arm side were very disappointed. Here are some beautiful dresses and les cheap The manager also flowed with me in definitely even after my secrets broke out in his shop. Though they are really bright, they are in their last er clothes category. But under clothes, this Brazilian is intimissimi My fruit also likes pink hair. But he had a huge presence in his own Italian. Many believe that the intimissimi play a role in the best fit and construction Customer service and saho were very bad in the shop. I both left, and now I have to send them It is not clear why all this has been swayed. The Victoria Secret has decided to focus on its brand. The size of the mind is very narrow, most bands are available in 32 to 38 sizes, and the cup size is PC. Many only provide the trophy I decided to call their corporate office after i had to go to the store.

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