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hurley Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – That means you can spend long hours in the ocean without feeling chilly. The synthetic hurley is considered to be the next generation hurley with the company noticing a gap in the market, as prices for ash and other imports continue to rise. Also, the wetsuit comes with Smoothskin paneling for a zero chill construction. The Cork style hurley was inevitably due a mention on this list. The Duggan hurley showcases the unorthodox curve on the b s of the hurl unlike many. Aside from that, this fabric is also efficient in reflecting your body heat and keeping you warm for an extended period. If you plan to get a wetsuit for colder climates, a 4 3mm or 5 3mm wetsuit with hood is better. The seams also provide extreme watertight protection, thanks to its blind stitching and glued construction. hurley offers top quality wetsuits at varying prices as well. It has a rating for use in water with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and up. This model is a well designed wetsuit with anatomical seams to fit your body snuggly without overstretching. Often regarded as the star’ hurley, it is without doubt the best hurley in the country. Cultec hurleys rarely break, and are perfect for kids starting out. Brian often ships in bulk to clubs, far and near, across Ireland. However, they’re not for everyone, as some people still prefer the traditional clash of the ash’. The seams are incredibly secure, and no air or water can penetrate the wetsuit. The 3 3mm wetsuit from this range especially fits for most use. Dublin’s Ryan O’Dwyer is the most well known player to use one. Almost everyone has had a go’ of a Cultec fibreglass hurl at some stage. From decades worth of wetsuit collection, you can find different styles, designs, colors, and sizes to fit your style and performance. The neck area is also incredibly water resistant, sealing out water completely. Similar to the Kilkenny style, Brian’s hurleys seem to be a very popular hit in Wexford and neighbouring counties. Below is a picture of Wexford GAA star Conor McDonald collecting his bunch of new hurls. It’s not too thin for cold waters yet not too thick for the warmer season. The added spot tapes for every seam junction of the wetsuit provides extra durability. It keeps the suit comfortable to wear without being too tight in some areas and ensuring the wetsuit’s longevity. The wetsuit features 100 Flex Light neoprene fabric for the exterior, making the suit ultra flexible that it moves with your body. hurley wetsuits are well known for their immaculate fit and high quality fabric and construction, fitting snuggly on your body like a second skin. A 3 2mm wetsuit is the most common option, suitable for 13 to 18 degrees Celsius water temperature. The exteriors use blind stitching and triple glue on the interior for maximum water resistance and comfort level. You can use this wetsuit most of the year when the water and air temperatures are perfect for surfing or scuba diving. The first thing you need to look out for when buying a hurley wetsuit based on the season or temperature is the suit’s thickness. Based in Enniscorthy in Wexford, Brian Walsh has to be on this list. Also, the exterior seams and out of your way, giving you more freedom of movement. The brand also offers a wide range of surf suits suitable for use all year round. It has a big b s and light handle and since it’s time on the scene, there have been many hurley manufacturers throughout Ireland attempting to replicate its style. However, style isn’t the only thing you can get from this well designed wetsuit from hurley as it’s incredibly comfortable and warm. No more sitting on the stuff in your back pocket. Meanwhile, a summer suit should be as thin as possible. This part of the surf suit ensures that there is 0 water and chilly air entering the suit. 25 Best hurley Black Friday Deals 2020 | Up To 60% OFF

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