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hsn Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – Incredible thank just because this tenant is Hispanic and so am I, my home gets discriminated. Couple weeks later they changed their mind and decided to charge me for the first one I did not receive!. I have been purchasing items from them for several years Now. I sill kept trying to pay the minimum on my account. but trying to keep all of my bills current during Covid19. Haven't I known all this thinking it would be good as a Christmas gift for my daughter I never would have gotten it. They left package at the front door and the package was stolen. To put all Hispanics in the bad not business category is wrong and illegal. Being a long time, good standing client, they would not eat the 40. The picture when ordering look larger than it really is. The customer service person I talked to said it will take 5 10 days to clear the issue. I have been an HSN customer and cardholder for several years. I ordered iDeaPLAY 4 pack 10,000mAh PowerBank with iOS and USB C Adapters from HSN who said that I could return for either 6. The battery life was terrible and unable to adjust volume on speak out loud. Everything purchased is confirmed by email, including delivery dates and returns verification. I reached out to HSN and they agreed to send me a new one. I even called customer service and let them kNow that I was struggling. When we try buying, they tell us our address is been Blacklisted from receiving products from their company. Representative made it sound like it had a replaceable battery, but when It arrived there was a sticker on the back of the phone saying non removable battery. My problem I have I just in December of 2019 ordered the radio. I used the return label that was included and did not think about writing the tracking number down as I never had a problem. HSN said they did not receive and I still have to pay. I can't wait until I can pay this off and be done with this thoughtless, greedy company. I have a copy of UPS delivery proof showing that the package was left at the front door. I have bought some really great things from them and will always be a loyal customer. When my account didn't have enough credit to cover a flex pay installment. Please let others kNow about this discriminatory practice this HSN company is getting away with. The cords to the speakers are extremely long and cheap. They everything from home products, specialty food items, clothing, electronics and even jewelry. Because of that, I will never order from them again. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. I made a spelling error on the initial Microsoft splash screen. Then, I'm going out to Best Buy and getting something that works. Forced to 1 work directly with Microsoft, and 2 forced to reset the computer using directions from RCA Customer Support. I already threw out the last RCA tablet I got from you 2 years ago. We FINALLY got to the point where they said return it to the warehouse for a spelling error. They couldn't even find the support ticket after I told them 3 times!.

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