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hot topic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – However I ended up keeping the item that was shipped to me. It kept redirecting me, andI was unable to make the shipping and billing address different than one another. Ordered a specialty product as a gift for a housewarming present and the product arrived shattered days before I needed it. The next closest one is almost an hour away from me. Days go by even weeks but months going by is excessive This online store is a joke!. I am now actually happy that my order did not go through or I would have been screwed even more. Ordered some face masks for this Covid thing going around. I started working for the location nearest to me and was treated so badly in the end that I refuse to shop there now. I was so mad that it is their fault but they are threatening customers. They threatened to block me out if I dare to charge at them. Stay clear of this site clothing is extremely poor quality. I’ve called multiple times for them to not be able to give me an update. The leggings look nothing like they do on the Website and the sizes are not true to what they are posted as. A lot of their clothing shows what in pictures look like functional pockets, but mention nowhere in the description that they're fake. The masks will NOT, I repeat, will not fit an adult. I understand that the pandemic affected a lot but the lack of customer service is ridiculous. Please stay as far away from this online store as possible. I called about something ordered in May and they still don’t have an update. I ordered it only for it to be delayed and then cancelled because they didn't have the size I wanted. I am now currently waiting for a wallet and a pre ordered item that has had the expected to ship date changed on me THREE TIMES!. Also I was never fully refunded for shipping as well. I won't be attempting to order anything online here again. I love to shop here when I can, however just tried to order something online and the Website is a serious joke. Second time now that I’ve ordered something in the last few months that has yet been shipped or status updated. The product sent out is cheap in more ways than one. I emailed them asking why just for them to shoot back at me. So they only sent the other item I ordered and by then I didn't want any of it. Unfortunately, even though they offer plus sized clothing, they have a problem with vanity sizing and design in both clothing and footwear. Was told even with express shipping it still wouldn’t be available on time. I laid it down and measured from end to end, including loops that go around your ears and it is 10 1 2 inches. when you aren't tightly packed during the pandemic, so we have to do most of our shopping online. Had to drive out of the way to return the product and they did not have it any any of their stores. If you follow a particular bugs that keeps people away from design ing, this review will not be seen on their website. Noskins can be diluted, unclear or sedated When I Hot Topic to the airport, they said that the package is not lost due to the air. I called and asked them to cancel the items, and they emailed me instead of a favourite through the advertising department of my email. I can see why i go online and enjoy this place. They showed me that this ship was only 10 6 10 in the world, so I went for it. It's a big enthusiasm because I store like buying pop culture products here from middle school, but can't do the ping here now. Now i feel so bad because I am so excited that I can finally merch cheaper than i can. I completed the offer and realised that the transport price is 50. If you have a plot shaped or generally special shape, Hot Topic think about the future, they don't really care. I am tired of following this order but the order was cancelled. store rioters, looters , , store 100 store , . It's got a good selection of nerdy clothes but stuff is usually pretty cheaply made, breaks quickly, a little overpriced, etc. I guess they don't realize that people can change their minds, which is the purpose of a return policy. Mosses on the other hand was flirting with me the wngire time I was in the store. I apologized and received a sarcastic response of You're fine. There is a sale going on for buy 2 get one free and she even helped me save as much as I could on what I was looking for. The people here, maybe they dont look like the people who work at H M but they are always friendly and super helpful. An hour later, I came back in to return the shirts because I found some others that I liked better. Always near Halloween and most times when Im just looking for something interesting to wear. The prices are ridiculous and the staff seems to have an expectation that nobody will return anything. I told her I had to try out both XL and XXL sizes because every manufacturer makes shirts differently. I purchased my shirts at a sticker shock of almost 34, even though there was a buy 1, get 1 half off sale. The service was amazing and Morgan was the most helpful emploee their. You walk in, its dark, there are things hanging on the walls from floor to ceiling, there are shelves and racks everywhere. I walked out with a bitter taste in my mouth. I haven't been inside one of their stores since I was in high school. After I sorted through their wall of stacked shirts, I decided to try some on for size. If yelp would let me give 5 stars I would. The girl that greeted me when I came in was very cute and helpful. I also was browsing the clearance racks and one of the girls stood right by me and never said a word. A little bummed that they don't have as many good bands. You've got a decent selection of body jewelry, your tee shirts are often funny, and your frilly glittergoth clothing makes me wish I wore bodices and skirts. When I tried to ask if they could set one aside for me I was cut off and informed that they had about six and hung up on. The first girl that helped me was there and apologized for the delay, which was nice. I especially love your clearance section all that good stuff, but fifty percent off?. You bring me back to my high school days in a completely non judgmental way, and encourage me to dye my hair colors I haven't had in years. Hot Topic is the place where I get my band t shirts. After I came back out to see what other shirts I could find, she asked if I found some shirts that worked for me. I am size 11 in pants and size small medium in tops and some shirts don't fit around my bust and some pants don't fit around my hips. Another girl let me into the dressing room with a somewhat snotty tone to her voice. I then patiently waited behind a woman sorting through buttons at the register for ten minutes with her son. Nothing is different, with the exception of the employee attitudes. The stuff they have here isnt what youd find anywhere else. Kinda felt ignored went I browsed around in here today. I dont always look like the type of person youd expect to see go in here but no matter what Im wearing or look like they are accomodating and helpful. He did not help me out but the way he was talking to other customers put me off. Also, if the pops ARE NOT UP, They SHOULD NOT be purchased whatsoever. I felt bad for the people he was helping out. On multiple occasions at this hot topic, I have received terrible service from everyone except the manager when at the checkout counter. Yes, employees can purChase Chases, if the Chase has been there for DAYS. I came in to return because I DON'T NEED IT!. Lastly, I came in with my mom and SHE purchased a shirt for herself with a 5 off coupon from them. So the girl was the one who helped me and although SHE wasn't enthusiastic SHE helped me pick up my order. I went ahead and asked an employee, 'Can my 30 be used on this item, on top of the discount?

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